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About the artist


professional furry-artist born in 1998.
art-enthusiast since childhood.
passionate horse-rider since 2012.
art & the love for animals brought me into the furry fandom in 2016.
Heya - my name's Dinski! I've been a furry & fantasy artist for over 8 years. Art Commissions, Merch, Vending and Creating are my life now and I couldn't be happier. A few years ago I also started fursuit making, which is extremely relaxing & interesting to me! I'm still a beginner maker, but I'm so excited to improve & learn more. My goal in art is to make lots of paintings, try new media, make more merch and make lots of more experience at conventions!

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Terms of service

By commissioning me, you fully agree to the terms and conditions described below, and I pledge to give my best efforts in providing a commission piece that you will be satisfied with.I look forward to working with you!
With thanks!
~ Dinski
▸ Commissions open rarely. BuyMeAcoffee supporters can commission through their whole subscribtion.
▸ I am allowed to refuse any commission, for whatever reason.
▸ Clear references or pictures of the proposed character(s) are required to begin.
▸ Please include all your information in your application.
▸ Depending on current events, commissions take at most 3 months to complete.
All prices listed are starting prices - they may be adjusted based on the complexity of the character, theme, background or design. Final prices will be presented to the commissioner prior to the commission agreement. In addition, the following extras may be requested at the time of application:
▪ Deadline Adjustment: +25% of final price - Set a reasonable deadline within 2 months of paying for the commission in full.
▪ Private Commission: +50% of final price - Commission will not be published online/offline nor used in portfolios indefinitely.
▪ Commercial Rights: +500% of final price - gain the right to commercialize your finished commission (produce and sell merchandise of your commission).
I accept any of the following payment methods:
▪ Paypal (SFW only)
▪ Bank Transfer
▪ Credit Card
▪ Cash (conventions only)
Note: Payment plans are available, however commission process won’t begin until total amount is paid in full.
♦ Acceptance, Notification and Payment: You will be notified of your acceptance and be provided with a total cost of your commission. This will include any extras indicated on the commission application.
♦ Doing your commission: I will start / do your commission once my queue allows it. You will get multiple WIPs (work in progress pictures) during the process & give critique at any point.
♦ 30-day Edit Period: If you're unsatisfied with anything, please let me know during this time period so i can edit it for you! fees may apply.
As the artist, I reserve the right to:
• Publish any artwork made online/offline and use it for portfolios and for advertising. (Waivable, see Extras)
As my commissioner, you have the right to:
• Print your finished commission for personal use only. (waivable, see Extras)
• Re-upload the finished commission, provided that credit is given to the artist.
• Edit / modify any completed commissions.
• Ask that your completed commission not be used in merchandise (with alterations)
Please note: Cancellations, refunds or premature terminations void all your rights to the unfinished commission.
› If I am unable to complete your commission, I will refund 100% of the commission amount, including extras.
› If you must cancel a commission before the sketching phases, you may initiate the process via e-mail, in which case, you are entitled to 70% of the final paid commission price.
› Commissions may not be refunded after I started them
› No refunds on “YCHs,” “Con-Only” or discounted commissions.

Commission Prices

Get your very own custom commission here. Fill out the forms!Commissions are currently closed. New price list will be online in April 2024